About Me


Liam Supersonic

Since I was little I loved to doodle around and the proof of that lies in all the old magazines in my house.

In some point of my life I thought that architecture was the path I should have taken, not until an old friend of mine taught me how to use and create really spectacular things using Photoshop; Graphic Design got my attention in a blink of an eye and in that same moment made a life time decision of doing this for a living.

I could say I’m a big fan of iconic and clean design: Milton Glaser as an example; who mixed powerful ideas and solid graphic details.

After this you may ask, why advertisement?

I love the most are ideas, but beyond that, the channel we designers use to empower those ideas. In my opinion ideas do not belong to one individual but are the result of hard work and a solid team who believe in them.

I recently started to break in to Lettering; I love how a message can take different meanings depending on the forms and depths of the fonts you create. There is a large group of artists I appreciate, but if I have to name my top three I’ll say: Sergey Shapiro, Joluvian and Seb Lester.

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